How We Make It Easy For You

We have gathered a nationwide network of Campground Owners that have joined us in offering you this service.  These Campground Owners notify The Campsite Depot of campsites that they have available on a weekly basis.  These campsites will cater to RV'ers, tent campers, as well as those that may be interested in "camping" for the weekend in a cabin or park model.

Once the Campground Owners notify us of their availability, we notify you.  Based on your level of membership, we will send that information directly to you "the camper".  Just look in your email inbox for The Campsite Depot, and you will have campsite availability information on the area(s) of the country that you have requested.  Give the campground a call, and make your reservation.

It is as easy as that; your planning time has just  been reduced dramatically.  We are all winners in this scenario.  Sign up for one of our memberships today, and take advantage of this great service being offered to our Camping/RVing community.